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Watches are the act of keeping aware to protect, save, or attend. Watch is the state of being wakeful. It is a state of change and continuous attention, close observation. A notice or bulletin alerts the public to the possibility of severe weather conditions occurring in the near future a winter storm watch is the definite divisions of the night made by ancient peoples. One of the undefined intervals marking the passage of night usually used in plural the silent watches of the night. Watch is the office or function of a sentinel or guard. Portion of time during which a part of a ship’s company on duty. 

Choosing the Perfect Watches
Wristwatches are the single most important accessory you can own and is an essential style element. A watch is the one accessory we wear everyday and everywhere for function and style. The watch needs to work with the outfit and the occasion or non-occasion. For those of us still wearing the same watch to the gym, the office and the club; it's not like wearing the same clothes but it's not far from it fashion wise. Hope fully knowing the main watch types can help you find the perfect watch for any situation.
Ceramic Watch
Ceramic watches naturally lustrous ceramic watches have a unique jewelry-inspired design perfect for any occasion. This is a relatively new material and the latest trend in fine timepieces. When to wear: in the office, dinner parties, formal events
Boy Watches
Inspired from timepiece styles, boy watches styles characterize by cases, multifunction movements and masculine. Inspired details like crisp indexing, a large viewable area, and casual leather straps. Wear watch during  shopping, running and in party etc
Digital Watches
Digital pays homage to the original technological breakthrough of the 1970s by offering digital displays in brightly colored modern cases. When to wear: out with friends, to the movies
Girl Watches
Girl watches chose the watch her own personality and then she may have a general idea of which kind watch to buy. She tries to know her own taste and then she use the watch. She is a student, an office woman, or a homemaker then she will choose the watch for using.
Sport Watches
Made with moderately heavy proportions and sport-motivated materials, sport watch carry a slightly technical tone through their case, dial layouts, and built to survive all of your everyday adventures. When to wear: to the gym, hiking
Leather Watches
Trendy leather strap watches provide a casual and fashion-forward look. These watches are rooted in a core vintage aesthetic and give a fresh edgy feel perfect with your favorite denim.
Dress Watches
Jewelry-inspired styling and a directional use of materials, colors, and finishes give dress pieces a unique modern vintage look that easily transitions from day to eveningwear.

Modern Watches
New fashion forward designer watches combine the modern aesthetic of industry leaders like Philip Spark with quality timepieces. With an emphasis on innovation, technology, and style, these watches are sure to spark a conversation.


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